Slowly things are coming together again in my little studio.
Although not in the way it used to be, due to my new old life with now a toddler and a baby. So my ideas, projects, work and the dolls have to wait then and now. But all in all life is good.
And since a picture is worth a thousand words – here goes…:

Neuen Alten
My studio right now
Neuen Alten
Business cards


Neuen Alten
Dolls patently waiting to be finished
Neuen Alten
Babystuff everywhere


Neuem Altem
New Love?


Neuen Alten


Neuen Alten
New Love #2

Kukalka Designs 4 Kids


Neuen Alten
To Dos
Neuen Alten


Tempus fugit – Time flies.
Even more so with a new little being in our midst. I am slowly working my way back into a daily routine with now two kids (woah!)…
I finally got the birth announcement ready and sent it out to family and friends.


Apart from this little achievements I still battle to find the time and routine back to blogging and dollmaking.
Although I came to the conclusion that the subjects I would like to blog about may broaden a little bit. So I plan on writing about my new DIY Projects (I got a plotter now, yay!) along with various baby and kids related subjects. But I like to keep an open mind and generally will fill my little blog with everything that crosses my creative sleepdiprived mom mind ..until I hopefully someday soon will find my way back into the swing of (doll)things…



Artwork by Kukalka - Handmade Puppen Waldorf

  • Last weekend the first European Waldorf Seminar initiated and organised by Kamrin ( –  took place in the Netherlands. Many dollmaker came to this event to participate and share their knowledge from in one or more of the workshops given there.
    Some entries of the attending dollmakers are already up on their blogs or facebooksites:
    Maike of feinslieb has written a long and wonderful entry about the seminar in her blog here.
    Also Maureen von Poppenliefde and Joanna von Lalidom have attended and shares some photos, along with Daria of petit gosset, Maria of MNT, Astrid of Atelier IsaFleur, and many more…
    Actually I should have attended to and was planing on giving a workshop there, but since I am expecting and am due soon, I would have not been able to travel and attend unfortunately. But hopefully I can participate next time – from all the photos and descriptions it mus have been a blast for sure… ;)
  • Speaking of which… Here is a small (incomplete) list of fellow dollmakers from around the world.
  • And speaking of which: Here is a cool tutorial on how to make this cuddly Baymax from a sock. <3
  • Theresa of Sami Dolls not only creates vegan dolls, but she has many patterns for sale along with explanatory video tutorials on her You Tube Channel.